About us

Tondori Royale’s swanky environment on Burnage Lane makes every visit feel like something special, with lovely mood lighting, leather seating and great customer service blending together for a lovely South Asian culinary experience in Greater Manchester’s Burnage. Available for takeaway and delivery, Tondori Royal ensures a great value every time, whether you’ve decided to sit down inside the restaurant or stay in your pajamas at home. Best of all, Tondori Royale offers free delivery to residents who order £15 or more and live within a three-mile radius of the restaurant.

With a name like Tondori Royal, you can be right in expecting the tondori dishes to be of the highest quality. Choose from tondori chicken, tondori fish, or tondori lambchops, and see what gives this Burnage Lane eatery its name. Classic specialties like the Tamarind Chicken, Nagpur Lamb and garlic manchoor give nearby curry houses a run for their money, and a variety of English specialties are available for those who don’t want to venture out of their box. No matter what the decision, each dish at Tondori Royal in Greater Manchester’s Burnage is of the highest standard, and pays homage to a cuisine that’s rich in tradition and decadent flavours.